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Nine DIGITAL Antique Advertisements

These are simply gorgeous. I had to scan them and share them with you.

They are advertisements from a 1926 magazine.

I scanned at a very high resolution, then digitally improved them painstakingly.

The average size of these adverts is 7 inches (15 cm), up to 15 inches (38 cm). All have a DPI of 300 px. Therefore they do not pixelate or blur.

I am selling five sets of these vintage advertisements.
Watermarks on the samples shown are not on the originals.

When you purchase this item, you will have instant access to 3 Zip files. Once downloaded, you can extract the adverts from the Zip files.

Feel free to contact me with any problems, I’m very happy to advise you.

Permission is granted for commercial use in collage, decoupage etc.
****Permission is denied for commercial use as is, i.e. printing onto items or selling as complete, any other way****

Original digital images purchased retain their copyright with SheByTheSea.


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